Bomber Ski Traverse

Elisabeth Dupuis came from up Calgary for a week of Guided Backcountry Skiing. We toured for eight days non-stop. I didn't know that Elisabeth doesn't get tired. These were my first turns after two months of summertime in Patagonia. I bucked up and reminded my muscles how to ski. 

We started with four days on the Snowbird Glacier in the Talkeetna Mountains, then hit the Turnagain Pass in the Kenai Mountains until a four-foot storm drove us out. We headed back to the Talkeetna Mountains for a final crushing on the Bomber Traverse.

Day 1: The Snowbird Glacier and the (what used to be a) Nunatak from the Snowbird Hut. The Snowbird Glacier is a portion of the Bomber Traverse and has great early season skiing. The glaciers along the Bomber Traverse are stagnant pieces of remnant glaciers. This means they're barely moving have almost no crevasses. 

Talkeetna Mountains above the Snowbird Hut.

Skiing the way back bowls of Pastoral at Turnagain Pass.

After seven days of touring Elisabeth wasn't tired at all. I had to do something about that. So on day eight we toured the Bomber Traverse. This route is about 22 miles and 7,500 vertical feet. Here Elisabeth is topping out on Tenemint Gap to reach the top of the Penny Royal Glacier after climbing a long and steep gully directly above the Mint Hut.

Elisabeth skiing freshies on the Penny Royal Glacier, ten days after the last storm.        

Elisabeth below the Penny Royal Glacier after 2,000 feet of untracked powder, halfway through the day tour. She was a smidge tired when we returned to the car after 9 1/2 hours of skiing. Thanks for a great week Elisabeth!