Alaska's AMGA / IFMGA Mountain Guide

"The best! I trusted you after 1/2 day 100%, does not happen often, never to any guide up to now."

—Philipp Becker, Denali Ski Base Camp 2016

Joe's guiding style

Joe's guiding priorities are 1) minimizing risk, 2) achieving the objective and 3) having fun. That means, as long as the safety priority is met, Joe's focus is doing what you as the client want and having a good time. 

Joe is the only licensed Mountain Guide in Southcentral Alaska

You wouldn't hire a surgeon or pilot without formal training and certification. Same with a guide. Make sure they have the best training. And proof of it. The international standard for guiding is set by the IFMGA. The AMGA is a member of the IFMGA. Joe is internationally licensed by the IFMGA and fully certified by the AMGA. If you want a professional guide in Southcentral Alaska, then Joe is your choice. Read more about the AMGA and IFMGA.

Joe wrote the book on Southcentral skiing

The Alaska Factor is a guidebook written for visitors and those new to Southcentral backcountry skiing. It includes planning your ski trip to Alaska, how to negotiate Anchorage, information on weather and snowpack and how to access the main backcountry ski zones. Local skiers will find inspirational photos of their buddies and an easy gift for friends from Outside. 

Joe has experience guiding and playing Southcentral Alaska. 

Joe has skied and guided all over Southcentral Alaska. For you, this translates to skiing with a guide who finds the snow, terrain and weather for your ability. These are a few of Joe's lengthy trips:  

Specializing in all mountain travel 

Joe has a broad set of mountain skills. He can take you rock climbing, ice climbing, technical scrambling, mountaineering, ski mountaineering, backcountry skiing, bouldering, mountain running and trekking. Sorry, no base jumping!

You'll have fun with Joe

No attitude. Easy conversation. Free photos of your trip. Your satisfaction is Joe's goal. Read more about Joe