Join Joe for the world's best backcountry skiing

Join IFMGA Mountain Guide Joe Stock for the best skiing in the world. The mountains around Anchorage, in Southcentral Alaska, offer four mountain ranges, open faces, steep chutes and spines, glaciers and tree skiing. Whether you want a single day of touring, or you're from Outside and want a full week of adventure, Joe will show you the region like no one else.

Based on weather, snow stability and your interests, we'll select a ski zone for the day. Joe knows the area for guiding better than anyone. Contact Joe now.

Anchorage Ski Zones

  • Southcentral ski zones
  • Turnagain Pass (Kenai Mountains)
  • Summit Lake (Kenai Mountains)
  • Hatcher Pass (Talkeetna Mountains)
  • Chugach Front Range
  • Western Chugach Mountains
  • Girdwood (Chugach)


See Southcentral Alaska backcountry skiing posts.

Is Alaska Skiing Right for Me?

The ski terrain surrounding Anchorage offers the full spectrum: from easy trees to big, steep lines, from mellow tours to multi-day trips. We'll pick a trip best for you. 


The Alaska Factor

Read about backcountry skiing around Anchorage in Joe's guidebook The Alaska Factor.  


Stock Alpine does not provide transport. To reduce your cost, it's best to use your personal or rental car. If possible, the guide will ride with you to the trailhead. 

Where to Stay

If visiting from Outside, most people enjoy staying in the comfortable ski town of Girdwood, an hour from Anchorage. We mostly ski in the Chugach and Kenai Mountains around Anchorage and Girdwood, but sometimes conditions are better in the Talkeetna Mountains, an hour north of Anchorage. See Southcentral Alaska Logistics

Base in Girdwood

Just an hour drive from the Anchorage airport, Girdwood is an ideal  place to base for your week of backcountry skiing.  The small town has comfortable B&B options, plus the luxurious Alyeska Hotel. Joe will meet you each morning in Girdwood for skiing. Within an hour drive is Turnagain Pass, Summit Lake, Western Chugach Mountains and the Chugach Front Range. Two hours from Girdwood is Hatcher Pass in the Talkeetna Mountains. 

Weather Options

If the weather is marginal we have options near Girdwood. We can explore treeline linkups at Summit Lake and Turnagain Pass in the Kenai Mountains. Another option is to ski in the lee of the storm, in the Chugach Front Range or Talkeetna Mountains. Joe knows how to find good skiing in all weather for all abilities.  

Add Ons

  • Heli skiing with Chugach Powder Guides. $1,375 per person per day, total. 
  • Cat touring from the Alyeska Hotel with Chugach Powder Guides.
  • Area skiing at Alyeska Ski Resort
  • Heli drop off in the Western Chugach with Joe. $300-450 per person. 
  • Heli touring near Girdwood with Joe and partners at Chugach Powder Guides. About $600 per person. 
A) Hatcher Pass, B) Anchorage, C) Chugach Front Range, D) Girdwood, E) Turnagain Pass, F) Summit Lake. 

A) Hatcher Pass, B) Anchorage, C) Chugach Front Range, D) Girdwood, E) Turnagain Pass, F) Summit Lake. 

Skill Level

  • Intermediate to advanced alpine skiing skills.
  • Fitness for a full day in the mountains.
  • Recent avalanche companion rescue practice. We will have assessment and review before our tour. 


October through June. March and April are best for long days and stable snow in Southcentral Alaska. In midwinter we have seven hours of day light—enough for a big day in the backcountry. By mid-March we have 12+ hours of sunlight.


  • 1 client: $500 per day
  • 2 clients: $300 per person per day
  • 3 clients: $225 per person per day
  • 4+ clients: $200 per person per day, a second guide may be added over four clients. 
  • In partnership with Alaska Guide Collective.
  • Click here for booking.


  • AMGA/IFMGA Mountain Guide Joe Stock. Up to eight clients. A second guide may be added. 
  • Navigation, first aid and repair kits
  • Emergency communication and shelter
  • Cooking gear if camping (stove, pots, fuel)

Does Not Include

Photos of backcountry skiing in Southcentral Alaska. 

"Just wanted to say thanks for making our trip to Alaska extra great!! We had a blast and both of us agreed that it was our favorite trip yet." –Samya Thangaraj

"It was an awesome intro to AK. You are a terrific guide. The boys had a great time and possibly a game changer for Rob—the skinning for sure!" –Mitch Dann