Hatcher to Talkeetna

Clear skies, low freezing level, stable snow and two friends. From April 19-21, 2009 Dana Maddog Drummond, Andy Newton and I skied 42 hours over three days from the Motherlode Lodge at Hatcher Pass to Montana Creek near Talkeetna. Our tour was about 71 miles and 15,300 vertical feet. 

Andy, Maddog and Joe at the Motherlode Lodge with 34-pound packs and a pile of maps. 

First crux. Maddog, tied to a 5.5mm rope, kicked off a slab and snuck under a 40-foot cornice into the Kashwitna River valley.

Andy and Maddog schwaking along the Kashwitna River.

First camp at 2,800 feet along the Kashwitna River.

Andy above the Kashwitna Glacier.

Maddog at a glacier cave on the receding toe of an unnamed glacier.

Three stinky dudes in a small stinky tent.

Andy on the fifth and final pass.

Every proper Alaska trip has bushwacking and a whiteout.

Montana Creek, 15 miles from the road.

Joe, Andy and Dana at Latitude 62 in Talkeetna.

Calorie stop in Willow for great burgers and dubious coffee.