Get the Skills

This course will focus on avoiding crevasse falls by reading the glacier, rope management and communication. If a crevasse fall does occur, we will practice building anchors, self rescue by prusiking and the haul system. 

Course Options 

  1. In Town: We practice glacier travel skills in a snowy park in Anchorage. This maximizes learning, reduces travel time and reduces cost. This is a good option for groups who want to brush up on their glacier travel skills before a trip into the Alaska Range, for example.

  2. Two days: At least one day in the field, on real glaciers.

  3. Part of a full Ski Mountaineering Course.

Curriculum Options

  • Trip consulting (optional)

  • Trip planning (food, Google Earth, Gaia)

  • Glaciology and glacier hazards

  • Gear for glacier travel

  • Knots for glacier travel

  • Setting up your harness

  • Roping together

  • Rescue coils and Kiwi coils

  • Self-arresting a fall

  • Stopper knots

  • Self rescue (prusiking)

  • Snow anchors

  • Crevasse rescue progression

    • Direct haul

    • Drop loop (2:1)

    • Drop loop + 3:1 = 6:1

Field Cost 

In Town Cost

  • 1 client: $500 per day

  • 2 clients: $250 per person per day

  • 3 clients: $175 per person per day

  • 4+ clients: $150 per person per day


  • AMGA/IFMGA Mountain Guide Joe Stock. Up to eight clients. A second guide may be added.

  • Crevasse rescue field cards.

  • Navigation, first aid and repair kits.

  • Emergency communication and shelter.

  • Rope

Does Not Include

We can’t thank you enough for giving us the skills to get out on the glacier and not die.
— Rob Lynch, 2014 Glacier Travel Course
We’re definitely super happy with the glacier travel course we took with you it helped to set us up for success!
— Caleb Dyches, 2018 Glacier Travel Course.