This is two-day course will give you a foundation of skills to rescue a fallen leader or injured partner. These are important skills for being a good climbing partner: you should know what to do if an accident happens. Since this type of rescue is a worse-case scenario, hopefully you never actually apply these skills for a real rescue. Instead, these skills more commonly used in everyday climbing such as lowering a tired partner to the ground, hauling a pack up a crux or assisting a partner through a crux.

This course is taught by AMGA-trained and examined guides. Techniques are modern, continually updated, and follow the AMGA industry standard. These are advanced techniques, so a solid base of traditional lead climbing is necessary. The gear used on this course is typical for multi-pitch climbing: a rope, locking carabiners, prusiks, cordelettes and a slings.


Day 1

  • Course overview

  • Situations for these skills

  • Avoiding rock rescue

  • Key safety checks

  • Gear and harness setup

  • Rescue knots

  • Ascending and rappelling techniques

  • Plaquette lowers

  • Knot pass

  • Haul 3:1 and 6:1

  • Counterbalance and tandem rappel

Day 2

  • Leader rescue

  • Belay escape, alpine belay escape

  • Multi-pitch descent applying the skills


  • A solid base of traditional lead climbing.

  • Comfort with belaying and rappelling.

  • Ability to build a solid climbing anchor.

  • Comfort with basic climbing knots including overhands, figure 8s, Munter, Prusik, Klemheist, autoblock.

Course Dates

  • Contact Joe to set up a private course.

  • Open scheduled courses: probably in June 2020

2-Day Course Cost


  • AMGA-trained instructors including AMGA/IFMGA Mountain Guide Joe Stock. A second instructor will be added over four clients.

  • Course handouts.

  • Navigation, first aid and repair kits

  • Emergency communication and shelter

Does Not Include

Photos of Rock Rescue Courses

HEY! Thanks everyone for making today super awesome-
— Kirby Senden
Joe and Elliot did a great job. I was constantly impressed with how they were able to teach rock rescue skills so efficiently, yet in depth. You guys were a ton of fun to learn from, so thank you!
— Emily Myhre