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Join Alaska's most qualified backcountry ski guide for the trip of a lifetime. Joe guides backcountry and ski mountaineering around Southcentral Alaska. Backcountry skiing means the terrain is non-glaciated and non-technical. It's about seeking great snow and beautiful location. Ski mountaineering adds the exposure component to skiing—we bring a rope for use in steep terrain or for glacier travel. 

Is Your Ski Guide Qualified?

Is your guide qualified to take you into avalanche terrain? You know avalanches are dangerous. Your life is in their hands. Joe's qualifications:

  • Certified AMGA Ski Mountaineering Guide
  • Certified American Avalanche Association Instructor
  • AIARE avalanche Level III trained
  • WFR and CPR certified
  • 18 years experience avalanche instructing 
  • 20 years experience ski guiding
  • 30 years experience backcountry skiing 

Ski Trip Options

Backcountry Skiing

ski Mountaineering course

Ski Guide Training

Backcountry ski course

Denali Ski 


Base Camp

Ski Road Trip



Ski Mountaineering

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