Skiing with Scissors

Skiing with Scissors should be taught in kindergarten. Skiing with Scissors works well for big vert. It's a highly recommended technique for adventuring into unknown basins of snow. Skiing with Scissors is a suggested method for bringing sunshine when the forecast says "rain." It's also a great method for chatting on the ascent, laughing on the decent and then going back for more. During après ski, skiing with Scissors is well known for burgers and beers. 

I skied with Ben and Ken Scissors in the Ortler Mountains in 2010. We kept in touch and they came up for a week of Guided Backcountry Skiing in late March. After a warm up skills day in the Chugach Front we hit Government Peak at Hatcher Pass. In this photo they're standing on the summit of Government. Between them are tracks from our first run.

It's been a chubby season in Alaska. So chubby we couldn't read the warnings. The Center Ridge Snotel has over 10 feet of snow. 

Skiing the lower-angle ridge from Tincan toward a mini-slab on the uptrack. The winter provided a relentless maritime snow climate with the advisory going from Considerable, to Moderate, to Low in two to three day period. During a normal winter Turnagain has an arctic maritime snow climate. Also known as "maritime with an identity crisis". 

These mini-avalanches from surface hoar under drifts were long-running and efficient. This was the first persistent weak layer of the season.

Ben skiing the Tincan trees. 

Ken skiing Tincan trees with Turnagain Arm and the Chugach beyond. 

On top of Manitoba at Summit Lake. Getting ready to ski...

Manitoba's east side for a loopy-tour back to the car. 

Conditions heated up during the week, even for these Grand Junction, Colorado boys. 

Our last run of the week in Magpie Creek near Crow Pass. We then rushed back to the Midnight Sun in Anchorage for brews. Thanks for a super-fun week Ken and Ben! I can't wait to ski with you again.