Weekend Warrior

Weekends are like organized events, but with no entrance fee. The winner is the one who has the most fun. Last weekend was serious fun. Probably the most fun in the history of all weekends. Clear skies and stable powder made the competition huge, but I still won. 

Weekend material near Anchorage-Turnagain Pass. 

Good weekends depend on good people. Cathy, Jeff Conaway (our neighbor) and I went to Turnagain last Saturday. We found sun, an inversion for warm +10-degree F temps and off the hook skiing. 

Cathy on our first run from Magnum. Jeff calls this run TC. I've never had a TV so Jeff was educating me about the Magnum PI cast. 

Second run, into Goldpan, or is this Superbowl? Sorry Viking.…

Jeff ahead of his sluff. Ski fast or get out of the way. 

Across the way another posse of amigos was having a good time. Here's Joshua Foreman taste testing for snow quality. 

We confirmed there is no better place on the planet. 

The next day Cathy and I skied with Paddy Sullivan. He's still riding the granola sticks but that's okay. Anyone who can rip 2,000 vert non-stop on smelly teles is a noble man. It's now also okay, after this day of touring up Spokane Creek and down Bertha Creek, that Paddy swiped our Spanish tenant. Awesome skiing with you Paddy!

"Don't feel any pressure Paddy, but do you mind skiing right now? The light has 20 seconds left! Now! No pressure, but right NOW!" Thanks Paddy!

Come spring I'll be back in the weekend contest. Watch out.