Skiing with Dad

Dad came off the plane wearing his ski pants and jacket. We drove up to Peak Three for a sunset run. He'd just returned from a ski week at the Hilda hut in Canada, and before that, winter at their other home in Patagonia

Dad skinning up Peak Three, an hour after getting off the plane. 

Dad and I high on Peak Three. 

Fifteen hundred feet of smooth, dry snow back to the car. 

Wind turbines on Fire Island below Mount Spurr in the Tordrillo Mountains.

The next day we skied four miles across Portage Lake to the Portage Glacier. Andy Newton and I skated on the crust with nordic skate skis, while Dad cross-country skied. 

We continued up to Portage Pass above Passage Canal and Prince William Sound.

After a day at Alyeska resort, we skied Manitoba at Summit Lake. 

 Dad skiing from Manitoba into Block Creek. 

Fighting crowds near Wilson Creek.

We found a powder corridor into Canyon Creek. 

And booted 500 feet out of Canyon Creek to the Seward Highway. Thanks for a great week Dad! 

Dad is 74 and going full-tilt. Cathy said, referring to my exhausting restlessness, "I'm so doomed."