Ski Cruise

Norway and the Antarctic Peninsula have the most famous boat skiing in the world. On par is Prince William Sound in Alaska. This April I guided a six-day Prince William Sound ski cruise with with Marc Kornmesser and Brion Beerle from Anchorage and Johan Cappelen from Norway. This was one of the most exotic, unique and mind-blowing Alaska ski trips I’ve ever done.

We stayed and traveled on the Discovery, which is docked in Whittier, an hour drive from Anchorage. In Whittier we met met Captain Dean Rand and crew Kori and Matt. The Discovery has private rooms, hot showers, copious quantities of five-star food, serious luxury, etc. 

Dean would drop us off in the early morning from his Zodiac, like this 6am start in Derickson Bay. 

After a day of skiing, while having après-ski drinkies on the deck, Captain Dean Rand would ask,"Where do you want to go next?" We'd peruse the maps. Pick out some crazy mountains and Dean would drive there. We'd park in a peaceful cove, ready to ski the morning.  

Day 2. Marc high above Culross Passage with the high Central Chugach beyond. The Discovery is the white speck in front of Marc's goggles.

Brion skiing 1500 feet of perfect corn down to the Sargent Icefield on Day 3.

Brion booting above Kings Bay. The other side of this peak was a 1000-foot granite wall dropping into Deep Water Bay. 

Marc fired up to feast. As outdoor types know, it's an easy transition from camping to serious luxury with wine and crab after a hot shower. But going the other way, from luxury to the groveling camp life, is not so easy. 

Brion skiing down to the Sargent Icefield on day four. We skated velvet crust to the icefall and skied down the Kings Glacier. With skate skis we could have skied the 30-mile length of the Sargent in several hours.  

Brion chose to surf the Kings Glacier Icefall. 

Kori above Derickson Bay.

Johan, our Norwegian with a genuine Von Zipper fanny pack, prepares to make zee free ski from above the Contact Glacier down to Deep Water Bay. 

Pickup on the white sand beaches of Deep Water Bay. Next time I'll pack my Borat signature series swimsuit and work on my tan. 

Thanks everyone for my ski trip trip of the year! Next year I'm living on the Discovery for non-stop Ski Cuises! Join me!

(That's a Russian Missile I'm drinking.)