Seven Devils Linkup

I cut my teeth in the Seven Devils Mountains of Idaho. Mom and Dad took me up 9,393-foot He Devil when I was seven years old. I climbed He Devil again during a Boy Scout 50-miler. Then last year Dad and I re-visited the Seven Devils. On that last trip I scrambled five 9,000-footers. This got me wondering: which peaks are "The Seven Devils?" and could I climb them all in a day?

Dad and I returned to the Seven Devils last weekend. Together we hiked into Sheep Lake, went our own way for the day, then met again at Sheep Lake. Dad circumnavigated He Devil, She Devil and Mount Baal. At 72 years old, his feat truly overshadows mine. This is rough country with no trails.

I couldn't find a true summit listing, so I scrambled what seemed like the highest named peaks, plus a couple others. My linkup climbed 9,360 feet and took 11.5 hours round trip from the parking lot. It was mostly bouldery hopping, some moraine, some snow and a bit of low fifth-class climbing on the north side of Devils Throne, The Imps and He Devil. In time order:

  • Mount Belial: 8,822 feet

  • Devils Throne: 9,045 feet

  • The Twin Imps: 9,000 feet

  • Devils Footstool: 9,000 feet (0.5 mile southeast of Devils Throne. Seems like a logical name)

  • He Devil: 9,393 feet

  • She Devil: 9,380 feet

  • The Ogre: 9,256 feet

  • Mount Baal: 9,120 feet (between She Devil and Tower of Babel)

  • Tower of Babel: 9,269 feet

Dad on a shoulder of She Devil, high above Riggins and the Salmon River valley. 

Looking south toward the Twin Imps from my second peak of the day, Devils Throne. 

The Twin Imps above Hells Canyon of the Snake River. Beyond are the Wallowa Mountains. From the summit of He Devil, the drop is 8,043 feet straight down to the Snake. The deepest canyon in North America.

Back when exploring was still possible. At the current rate it will take 847 years to fill the Twin Imps summit register.  

He Devil. My route was the right skyline from the pass between She Devil.

Some root beer would have been nice.

Dad and I, knackered on the hike out.