Neacola Mountains 2012

The Neacola Mountains are currently my favorite mountains in Alaska. My first trip to the Neacolas was a three-week tour in 2006 from Chakachamna Lake to Lake Clark with Dylan Taylor and Andrew Wexler. In 2008 I joined Dan Oberlatz and Aaron Fetter at AlaskaAlpineAdventures to guide a 12-day Alaska Ski Mountaineering trip. This year Les Trois French Dudes (Benjamin, Yoel, and Yannis) joined me for another AAA 12-day Neacola trip. We nailed the weather, skiing and the good times.

Adios Doug. Don't forget to pick us up. 

Camp Hilleberg at 2,800-feet on the Tanaina Glacier. Our hope was the low elevation basecamp would be warm.

The Neacolas provide. A full moon and northern lights on our first night

Big puffy sleeping bags to keep Yannis from Freezing Unlimited.

Joe's mega-high calorie quesadillas for big days of touring in cold temps.

Our strategic base camp is that speck below the Tanaina Coulies.

Yoel skiing through icebergs in a drained glacial lake to access slopes on our first tour.

Sunshine and powder in the Neacolas!

Benjamin topping out on Tanaina Coulie One.

Skiing Tanaina Coulie One. 

Benjamin, Yoel and Yannis below Tanaina Coulie One, après descent.

Yannis in Coulie Four. 

We moved camp up glacier for several nights for a new selection of peaks.

Not everything in the Neacolas is steep. 

Heading back to basecamp to fly out. Finally something besides blue sky!

Practicing crack rescue while waiting for Doug to bring in his Bush Hawk and pick us up.

Flying over the Cook Inlet platforms back to our car in Nikiski.

Thanks for an awesome trip guys!!