Erica Madison and I went adventuring around around Turnagain Pass on Saturday. We started at Center Ridge parking lot and toured through Lyons Creek, over the corniced ridge for a low-angle run into Center Creek, then took a steep north-facing shot back into Tincan Creek. More horizontal than vertical–I'm prone to distance. Luckily Erica is prone to breaking trail. Thanks Erica!

Erica burrowing toward the divide between Lyons and Center Creek. 

Erica way above Center Creek. 

Erica dropping into the headwaters of Center Creek with Tincan Peak in the background and the Spencer Glacier in the distant right. We booted to the ridge below Tincan Peak and skied to Tincan Creek.       

To test this slope, Erica belayed me from a rock horn on the ridge until I reached this protected cliff. Then Erica skied to the valley floor on stable old powder. Fun!

Midwinter loopy-tour: 5,000 vertical feet over 15 miles. We finished with a lap from the pocket glacier below Kickstep Mountain.