Kid's Corner

Kid's Corner is a favorite multi-pitch ice climb near Anchorage. The route has about six WI3 steps up a beautiful cleft. The approach is a 15-minute stroll up Caribou Creek. The descent is a 15-minute stroll down a maintained trail. Ouray in Alaska!

Jim Davidson from Fort Collins, Colorado joined me on Kid's Corner. Jim came to Alaska to present at a logistics firm in Kenai. Jim speaks about practical lessons for life and business from his adventures in the mountains. In addition to many adventures, Jim is a fascinating person and a great climbing partner.  

Next time we'll check the baldness of the rental car tires before driving into the Caribou Creek parking lot!

Second pitch. Earlier in the season the route can be WI4

Fourth and longest pitch. 

Climb finished. Time to go haul that car back up to the road.

Thanks for a great day Jim! Good luck at your talk in Kenai. I wish I could see you present!