Chic Scott

Chic Sott is the legend of Canadian ski mountaineering. He's written the guide books and done the big tours. In the late '60's Chic worked in Chamonix for the International School of Mountaineering with Dougal Haston. He kept Clint Eastwood alive on the North Wall while shooting The Eiger Sanction.

Last week we invited Chic up for our third annual Friends of the Chugach Avalanche Center fundraiser. In past years we had Andrew McLean and Kris Erickson.

Chic gave an inspirational show to over 300 people at the Beartooth Theatre. Everyone enjoyed his humor, the diversity of trips and his appreciation for Alaskans and their burly backyard. This event raised a pile of money to fund FCNFAIC weather stations, rescue caches and snowmachines for the avalanche forecasters. 

Chic stayed with Cathy and I in Anchorage during his visit. Much of the time we sat at the kitchen table. Chic working on the third edition of Summits & Icefields. Me working on The Alaska Factor. I felt like Neil Young and Van Morrison, back in the day, writing songs in a cabin way out there in New England. During a break, we hiked at Arctic Valley and drank beers at the Midnight Sun. 

Thank you so much for coming up Chic!

Chic has written ten books. These are the two in my collection. 

During our hike at Arctic Valley Chic felt like he was in the Scottish Highlands, with Denali as the backdrop. 

The local Summit Nike missile site reminded Chic he was in 'Merica. That's Russia out there. 

Creepy, but kind of interesting.