Chamberlin & Hulahula

After skiing Chamberlin with Matt Hage, I flew up the Hulahula River on June 18 to Grasser's Airstrip and met Alaska Alpine Adventures. AAA owner Dan Oberlatz brought five clients for an ascent of Mount Chamberlin followed by a float out to Kaktovic.  

Ready to start hiking from the Hulahula River to Mount Chamberlin: Dan Oberlatz, Paul Muscat, Mike Gilsen, Nick Gilsen, Jamie Gilsen and Peter Carter.

 Above the Katak Glacier on the north ridge of Chamberlin.

Nearing the summit above the false summit and the Chamberlin Glacier.

Chamberlin summit: Nick, Paul, Mike, Jamie and Peter,  

 Chamberlin's summit ridge with the true summit behind.

Our tracks leading up the Chamberlin Glacier to the false (NE) summit.

Lowenbrau walking down Katak Creek to the Hulahula River.

Paul and Mike running class III rapids on the Hulahula River.

Searching for water channels between the mudflats and icebergs at the outlet of the Hulahula River into the Arctic Ocean.

 Early summer on the Arctic Ocean.

Mike with a bowhead whale skull in Kaktovic.