2015 Denali Ski Base Camp #2

Skiing with Bros is always a good time. In 2013 Steve and Erin Bros (father, daughter) joined me for a Girdwood Ski Week. We skied up the Anchorage area, stashing Stella Artois in the snowbank at each trailhead. This year Steve brought his childhood buddy Jim Mosher, and Jim's ski partner Mike Cummings up to Alaska for a Denali Ski Base Camp

TAT pilot Trent flew us into the Ruth Glacier. The thing about TAT pilots is that when they land in the deep powder in the mountains, they tend to mill around. They don't want to leave. Trent shares a Piper Pacer bush plane on wheel skis with my fellow avalanche instructor Leighan Falley.

Our base camp off the Ruth Glacier. Ski mountaineering paradise! 

Brrrrr! Steve warming his boots to make them flexible enough to put on.

Skinning above camp. 

We went skiing after reviewing avalanche and crevasse companion rescue. We found stable powder on all aspects. 

Cathy and Leighan catching up for a HUGE pow run! Cathy left Anchorage at 7am, drove to Talkeetna and flew in with Leighan for a day of skiing. 

Left to right, Mike, Leighan, Cathy, Jim and Steve. Happy birthday Cathy!

Leighan using a cordelette to de-ice her 550mm underfoot powder skis. 

After Cathy and Leighan flew back to Talkeetna; Steve, Mike, Jim and I skied another four days. 

We found lots of powder and smiles.

More pow and smiles.

Base camp life, with The Nature Channel on the big screen. 

Steve going for fame and glory on the first ascent of Mount McKinley. 

Then Jim and I made the first ski descent of Mount McKinley.

A final coulie as the weather closes in. 

Heading back to Anchorage through the Ruth Gorge. Thanks for a great trip Steve, Jim and Mike!