Minimize Risk, Increase Safety

Hire Joe for risk management consulting for your operation. While Joe can't make your operation safe, he can improve safety by minimizing risk.  Two options for hiring Joe: 

Hire Joe as Your Employee

  • $350 per day. 

  • Hired as employee and he will receive a W-2 tax form. 

  • You provide Joe with workman's compensation. 

  • You have land use permits. 

  • You have "Alaska Guide Collective LLC" included as additionally insured on your liability insurance. 

  • You cover Joe's travel expenses. 

Hire Joe as an Independent Contractor

  • $500 per day. 

  • You hire Joe as an independent contractor and he will receive a 1099 tax form. 

  • Joe provides his own liability insurance. 

  • Joe provides his own workman's compensation. 

  • You cover travel expenses. 

Photos of Risk Management Consulting