Korohusk Chutes with Brad

It chuting time in the Chugach. Brad Cosgrove left Hope at 3am, arriving at my house 45 minutes early. His time is limited and he's dealing with a lot of energy. He's a new dad, and between ski and river guiding seasons.

We followed Zach Shlosar's tracks into the Western Chugach, toward Korohusk, on a hunch we'd find some fun. The Western Chugach Mountains are rugged peaks, better known for scrambling and hard technical climbing than skiing. By some counts there are 21 summits over 7,000 feet. These peaks are inaccessible, often requiring multiple days and horrendous bear-infested bushwacks. But if you wait until May, when days are long and snow is stable, then many become day tours. 

We found something fun. A pinner hidden in a buttress.

Brad brought huge Salomon skis and Salomon Dynafit-compatible boots. I thought he would like to trade gear at the top of the chute. He politely declined.

Starting down the first of two 1,400-foot, 45-degree chutes on the north side of Korohusk.

Brad in the pinner. 

Booting up for the second chute. 

Halfway down Brad switched from fast windshield wipers to fast GS turns, floating ahead of his roaring sluff.

Steep and stable: the Western Chugach season peaks in May.

Brad exiting the chute onto 500 feet of apron. Ten hours car to car feels easy when the sun is blazing 16 hours a day.