BC with Gabe & Corey

Gabe Rogel and I started guiding together at the Alpine Institute in 1998. We've been great friends since. Corey Hendrickson is one of Gabe's best friends from Jackson and now lives in Vermont and shoots weddings. Corey and I joined Gabe on this Ski Doo photo shoot near Kelowna, British Columbia. Gabe was shooting, Corey was editing and I was fluffing for Gabe; bringing him lenses and cards and shuffling the ladder around.

 Gabe and Joe in the Monashees.

Gabe shooting with the advertising staff. 

Corey and Gabe at The Burner, a recycled timber pub inside an abandoned sawmill burner.

Corey, Gabe and Joe putting away a few pints of Elsinore in The Burner.   

Halfway through a Tower of Elsinore at the Kelowna lanes.